Thai Bodywork

What is Thai Bodywork?

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Thai bodywork is an ancient healing art which is over 2500 years old and inspired by Buddhist teachings. It is based on Ancient Yoga and Ayurvedic Sciences. This kind of massage involves deep muscle compressions done in a rhythmic movement of gentle rocking and stretches correlated with yoga. Pressure is applied to points throughout the body. Generally speaking, it is very similar to Acupuncture but without needles and often referred as Accupressure. Deep pressure is applied to the recipient in accordance with “Sen Sib” which translates to “10 energy lines”. These lines or channels are in which “Prana” flows. Prana is a san skrit word for “life force” or “vital energy”.
There is a spiritual component to Thai massage, or it wouldn’t be a Thai Massage at all. Love and compassion is the very root of Thai Massage. With the caring passion of the practitioner, his meditative spirit and intention to heal goes beyond just technique. Reflexology also comes with Thai massage. Research demonstrates the bottom of the foot having several reflex areas for the parts of the body. Thai massage treatment is a positive, energizing, uplifting experience for the client as well as the practitioner.

Holistic Benefits Of Thai Massage

*Facilitates relaxation
*Heightens awareness
*Frees blockages in energy flow
*Invigorates the nervous system
*Relieves pain and muscle tension
*Increases ability to absorb nutrition
*Strengthens and rejuvenates the body
*Improves circulation of blood and lymph
*Increases flexibility (passive yoga postures)
*Gives a general feeling of well being assisting in balancing body, mind, and spirit.
*Enhances elimination of wastes and toxic debris from physical, mental and emotional strain

Offering quality bodywork. This is a no rush service. A Thai Massage session usually goes for 2 hours. I have made 1 and 1.5 hours available for people with time concerns and specific needs. The bodywork is performed with hands, feet, elbows and knees. The receiver is fully clothed and no oil is used for the session. The bodywork is performed with deep concentration, accurate pressure and sequence, performed with smooth transitions so the movements during the bodywork flow. Thai Bodywork is a must try. Set your appointment today and be ready to experience a whole new feeling of restoration and peace.


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