Thai Massage for Runners

How many miles do you run a week? The numerous repetitions and pounding on your joints is bound to take you to some painful days and much punishment to your body. If you are a mild runner a Thai Massage once a month can rally help restore and help recovery as well as prevent injury. If you are training for a event make sure there is a preventive injury plan. It is not the event that will injure you but the training. Athletes that receive regular massage and know their bodies’ response may choose to receive massage immediately prior to a marathon, but recreational runners and first-time marathoners should not do anything they are not used to close to a race. Inform me if you are a first time runner so I can alter the technique to assure optimal results.

How often should runners get a massage?

Massage treatment plans are very individual. Assess your running goals and your budget when determining your treatment plan.
Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have recurring injuries? Are you pushing your physical limits? Are you tackling a new distance? Are you time goal oriented? Are you competitive? Do you want to qualify for Boston? How much can you afford to spend per week or per month on massage? Then, after assessing your goals, your budget and your available time during the week, plan accordingly. The most important goal is to set a regular schedule for your massage treatments whether it’s once a week or once a month.

*Schedule regular massages throughout your training and racing period for the best results
*Use massage therapy as preventative treatment
*Schedule your Pre-race Massage 3-5 days prior to your event
*Schedule your Post-race massage 3-5 days after your event
*Drink lots of water and stretch between massage treatments