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1 on 1 with Reji

Ab segmentPersonal Training is a great way to get started on the path to your health.   1 on 1 provides direct rapport with the trainer and privacy of your own space.  1 on 1 offers a more personal connection  with the trainer and undivided attention to the client  during your workouts. This way the trainer is able to assess, correct technique-form, teach and educate on a more  personal level. 1 on 1 is very good for beginners, people who are  looking to advance in their training, or people who needs extra services in the session such as assistive-stretching, rehabilitation-conditioning,  bodywork-massage when needed. Reji takes massage and  stretch very seriously and adds them to the end of each session to insure a healthy recovery and balance.  Since Reji has so many credentials he offers his skills in each session when fit so it is a tremendous bonus.

1st meet: consultation

To start, you will set up an appointment with Reji to meet and discuss about your goals, history and present life. The meeting is to talk about needs and recommendations of how many times a week for training and discuss what type of training you will receive. During the meeting you will also weigh in and take a body fat test is administered if the client choose to do so.  He will then show you around the studio for a brief orientation so you can feel the vibe of the place and see what the acility provides.

  • Weight Loss
  • Increase in Metabolism
  • Increase in muscle tone and Bone Density
  • Healthier Heart, Healthier Arteries, Healthier Body
  • Excellent form of Detox
  • Decrease in Depression and Stress
  • Post Rehabilitation & Conditioning
  • Integrative and Individualized Fitness Program Design
  • Motivation
  • Education

Do you go to the gym and feel like you are missing something from your workouts?

Working with weights and machines but you feel like you need something much more and more organized?

Have you had a bad experience with your first time working with a Personal Trainer?

Is Physical Therapist costing too much and need rehabilitaion on an injury?

Are you finished with Physical therapy and want to move to the next step?

Outdoor and Private Indoor Studio Training

Couples and Small Group Training Rates Available

My views on Optimal Weight Loss and Health: To really lose the weight

Go Raw: Eating raw gives you nutrition that are no

Proper Sleep: Sleep time is one of the most important part of your weight loss life.

Train your Mind:

Change your personality:

Awareness: Why is this so important? Why is being aware important to my weight loss? Awareness is very important because the things you believed to be true will no longer be true anymore.  When you become aware you will see things that you were not able to see. Awareness will lead you to getting more closer to yourself and to know about yourself is the first step towards optimal health and weight loss. Not meaning who you are by the name you were given when you were born. Not the personality that has been developed throughout the years as a child through adult hood. Not the identity that has been established from your job. Knowing who you are at the very core of existence. Meaning breaking through the very layers that is covered from your beliefs, pride, etc.

o bring your awareness to the most higher level one must practice the art of just witnessing. Witnessing yourself without making judegement

Education: Learning about the body and what foods do inside our bodies will give us an understanding to a whole series of events that take place. ONce we know a topic of this we will soon learn the topic of that.
It just keeps making sense once we learn more and more about