Thai Massage for Golfers

Massage helps everyone from all walks of life but for the average and pro golfer, it is essential.

Statistically more than 50% of golfers suffer from neck weakness, lower back problems, shoulder or rotator cuff stiffness, soreness or pain, elbow dysfunction, lower leg imbalances and / or wrist injuries. Since compression loading is very high during the golf swing and not to mention a round of golf requires 4 to 6 miles of walking this can result in chronic pain cycles, which will interfere with their enjoyment of the game. That is where specific golf massage comes into play.

A golfer can enhance their game and swing by countering with a Thai massage. What’s so amazing about Thai massage is the deep pressure work and the kinds of stretches that is involved in its sequence. During a Thai Massage, pressure not only moves in the primary muscle groups but in the deep stabilizers as well. The stabilizing muscles are the backbone for the primary movers to function optimally. If you’re receiving golf lessons,  Thai massage can reset the alignment of the myofibrils and this can help the body adopt new strategies to help better your swing. The massage  allows the reprogramming of the nerves and opens channels for new habits to form. Overall, the bodywork will help restore function, promote recovery and most of all the body will be available to learn and adapt to new things.

Senior Golfers
Posture is continuously changing with gravity.
Massage also promotes health, vitality and well -being. It provides the release of muscular tension, stress, and eliminates metabolic waste products as well as restoring the muscle elasticity, length and range of motion. Massage has positive physiological affects on the nervous system and organs as well. It releases endorphins that give you a great feeling afterwards.